Hanx Writer is the iPad app every modern hipster needs

If going 100% old-school and getting a typewriter sounds cool, that's because it's a neat idea. If actually typing on an old typewriter and having to deal with things like ink and paper sound terrible, that's because they are. A new app from an unlikely source bridges that gap nicely, though.

Hanx Writer is a new app from actor Tom Hanks. Yeah, the Castaway guy. He's evidently a huge typewriter fanatic, which is pretty cool. He also probably has the cash and room for an old typewriter collection, whereas most of us don't.

The app is currently only available for the iPad, and is totally free. What you get is a very digital view of an old typewriter; the keys, font, and "paper" view are all very reminiscent of an old typewriter.

Of course, it's not a complete recreation. You can delete without any kind of digital 'white-out', and getting keys to jam was impossible for us. Luckily, we didn't jab a hole through an iPad trying to type.

If you get bored with the interface, there's good news — you can change it. In-app purchases allow you to get hold of new typewriters. The Hanx 707 and Golden Touch are both $2.99, if you dare.

Come on, hipsters... you know you want this ironic app. Download it now!