Hannspree debuts new AIO PC SN22A1

Hannspree has a line of interesting products that it peddles in the UK for fans of computers. I always get a kick out of digital photo frames and computer displays that are inside stuffed animals or look like sports balls. The latest product to land for Hannspree is a new AIO computer called the SN22A1. This computer is a 21.5-inch screen unit that crams all the hardware inside the monitor for style and to take up less space.

The screen uses LED backlighting for power efficiency and it supports multitouch capability. The machine comes loaded with some interesting multitouch apps. The processor under the hood is a dual-core Intel D510 at 1.66GHz. The computer has 3GB of DDRII RAM and a 320GB HDD. An integrated optical drive is included along with a memory card reader, four USB ports, and the OS is Windows Home Premium Standard.

The machine also has WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity and an integrated 1.3MP webcam. The stand the screen has is very slim and can be tilted for comfort from 10-degrees to 55-degrees. The AIO supports full 1080p resolution and has both HDMI and VGA inputs. It's priced at £349.99 with VAT; no word on a US release at this stage.