Hangtimer - for those that like to catch big air

I won't lie to you, I can't snowboard, skateboard or attempt any fancy tricks on my bike. However, if I did such activities, I would probably strive to be the best, and therefor need a way to prove it.

Since there's no scientific method for proving how sweet a particular trick is, something else will need to be measured. How about hang time? All of the best tricks involve catching some air. But even recording that could be difficult.

This is why the Hangtimer was invented. The Hangtimer uses a Tri-Axes Accelerometer to detect accelerations experienced when you leave the ground. You'll want to clip it on your belt, or somewhere close to your waist as that is the optimal location to track your hang time. It weighs just 2.5 ounces, so it won't keep you off-balance. A single AAA battery will get you through an entire season of your favorite sport.

The Hangtimer will keep track of your last 10 jumps, show your best and average hangtimes. You can adjust the sensitivity, so you know it will be accurate. You can also use it as a watch, stopwatch and thermometer. You can pick one of these up starting today on the Hangtimer website for just $99.