Hangouts SMS support doesn't work with Google Voice

Earlier this week, Google announced a Hangouts update that brings SMS functionality, which is nice but unfortunately comes with a snafu. According to Nikhyl Singhal, who took to Google+ today, there are some issues to be ironed out with Google Voice, and for the time being neither of the two aforementioned Google services will be able to exchange SMS with each other.

With the exception of those who have a Google Voice number registered with a Sprint handset, the Hangouts update will change things temporarily in such a way that Google Voice users won't be able to converse in the same manner. Specifically, Singhal says that Google Voice SMS support is in the works, and should be rolled out by early next year, and that on top of it, no number changes will need to take place. As such, only patience is required.

Beyond that, work is still being done to get Google Voice support outside of the United States and with MMS support, something that "can take some time" as the company must work with carriers. And rounding out the update is a note about Google Voice security, namely in how it will affect some third-party apps in the near future that are decided to be in violation of Google's terms of service.

"There are a few third-party applications that provide calling and SMS services by making unauthorized use of Google Voice," he said. These apps both are a security hazard and a violation of the ToS, and as such are being notified that use of Google Voice must stop. The developers are being given until May 15 of next year to transition, and users of such apps should also keep this change in mind.

VIA: Android Community

SOURCE: Google+