Handmark Pocket Express for Symbian Smartphones

More specifically, the software was developed for Nokia's Symbian based S60 OS. So you can plan on seeing the software show up on Nokia's E and N series'.

Some of you I am sure have seen this software before, Sprint utilizes it on almost all of their smartphones for their on-demand service, not the SprintTV service, the on demand one where you can check the news, weather, movie show times, stuff like that. Well this software is the same thing, it's just been customized for the European market where it will be sold.

The biggest difference is that you can get a premium service set known as the Elite Edition for an added fee of £70 per year or £7 per month. What comes with this additional service? Updates from various financial markets, airport updates for those that travel a lot, and access to the latest Dictionary and Thesaurus.

The best part, a MobileCierge that will help you with just about anything you need. I don't know if you know how great a concierge is, or how broad that term is, but its amazing, I mean obviously a concierge on your phone is going to be slightly limited, but in general, a concierge is your go to person for anything you can't get, figure out, or do yourself, they will do it for you for the right price, a good concierge will only prove to you further that you can literally have anything for the right price.

Anyways, they were showing off the software this week, so it should be available soon. The cost, well other than for the Elite Edition, its just the cost of an E or N series Nokia.

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