Handmade 2-Stroke engine shows off the combustion process

The engine in your car and most motorcycles today are 4-stroke units that keep lubrication and fuel for combustion as separate parts. The 2-Stroke engine on the other hand requires the mixing of fuel and oil so that the fuel for combustion handles lubrication for the piston. The 2-stroke engine is very common in lawn equipment today and some off-road motorcycles still use this sort of engine. A person named Huib Visser built this fantastic bit of engineering you see here.

What the man creates is a 2-stroek engine that puts the combustion process that normally happens inside a dark metal cylinder into the open for us to enjoy. If you have ever wondered what is going on inside an engine during the combustion process, this is the engine you want to see.

The cylinder in this 2-stroke engine is made from glass allowing you to see the entire process inside. The piston in this engine is made from a graphite material and a magnet that passes by the spark plug triggers the spark that ignites the fuel.

Speaking of fuel, this engine uses something called white-gas fuel. You can't buy this engine for yourself; I can only imagine this is a labor of love. The workmanship in the engine is very impressive and this had to have taken a very long time to build. Check out the video, see the engine running, and marvel at the combustion process for yourself.

SOURCE: Hackaday