HaloIPT shows off wireless charging solutions for electric cars

Electric vehicles are one of the big technology pushes that Obama and his administration are trying to get Americans to look at. The problems with EVs today are many. The biggest problem is that the driving range is short compared to a normal vehicle and the recharge time is long compared to just filling up with gas.

Another problem that many might not think of is having to plug in each time you go home. We have all forgot to get gas the night before work and ended up late after having to stop and fill up. Imagine if you forgot to plug in your EV and it needed eight hours to charge up. One solution to the issue of forgetting to plug in comes in the form of wireless charging.

A company called IPT is showing off a new wireless inductive power transfer system for EVs that can shoot power over gaps of up to 400mm allowing the driver to just pull into the garage over a charging pad and their car will get charged up. That tech would eliminate the worry about forgetting to plug the vehicle in each night. The company behind the tech envisions a future where their power technology is embedded into roads allowing cars to drive indefinitely by getting the power from the road. A commercial scale demo of the IPT tech is expected in 2012.