Halo Wars announced; set to launch in February 2009

If you find yourself needing to get your hands on all things Halo, then you'll be pleased to hear that Ensemble and Microsoft Game Studios announced today that Halo Wars will be released in February of 2009 and will be available in both a standard and a Limited Collector's Edition.

You can pre-order the game now, so if you absolutely must get it the day it comes out, you'll be set. Plus, you'll get an in-game extra: a Warthog with flaming decals. Are you excited yet?

A few features of the Halo Wars collector's edition include a Halo Wars: Genesis graphic novel, an in-game "Honor Guard" Wraith vehicle, Spirit of Fire patch, Six Leader Cards, and three new multiplayer maps called the "Assembly," the "Orbital" and the "Sandbox." You can expect to pay $60 for the standard edition and $80 for the collector's edition.