Halo Wars 2 DLC has been delayed over game-breaking bug

343 Industries has announced that the DLC for Halo Wars 2 that was supposed to go live in recent days has been delayed due to a 'game-breaking' bug. Due to pestering from gamers who wanted to know more about that bug, the company has released more details, explaining that the issue involved the in-game vehicles Skitterers. At close to the last minute, testers found that the bug would cause a Skitterer to keep firing at a target regardless of how far away it moved, opening the door to very annoyed players and skewed gameplay.

The DLC is called "Colony," and it was supposed to arrive for gamers this week. As anyone who has the game knows by now, Friday is nearly over and the content is still nowhere to be found. 343 Industries explains that it has to do some tweaking and fix this issue that involves the Skitterer vehicle, otherwise gamers will be able to fire at something, then have the vehicle continue to fire at that thing even if it is miles away.

This is referred to as a game-breaking bug, though it doesn't exactly break the game, instead altering gameplay in such a way that not many gamers would be pleased with its existence. The company went on to explain:

Imagine equipping a few fast moving Banshees with Skitterers, flying up to your opponent's base and taking a few quick shots, and then retreating across the map as your friendly Skitterers continue to fire away at their target from miles away. Some may call that awesome (I do!) but alas it's also a cheap exploit that would immediately result in some really bad game experiences and whole lot of salt from players on the receiving end.

Fortunately, it shouldn't take long for the developer to work out this bug, and so gamers can expect to see Colony launch some time next week.

SOURCE: 343 Industries