Halo Infinite's Release May Just Have Been Revealed By An Unexpected Source

For months now, Halo fans have been wondering when Halo Infinite is going to launch. The game was originally slated to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X|S back in November, but following some negative fan reception to gameplay footage Microsoft shared last year (along with what were likely issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and leadership changes at 343 Industries), Microsoft decided to push back the game to sometime this year.

Microsoft hasn't given us a specific release date beyond saying that Halo Infinite will be out in fall 2021, but now we might have a better idea of when the game is launching thanks to Halo Infinite voice actor Verlon Roberts. Roberts plays the role of Spartan Griffin in Halo Infinite, and last week he appeared on the Fadam and Friends podcast to talk about his life and his career as a voice actor and comedian (as reported by GamesRadar).

At one point late in the show – about the hour and 10 minute mark – Roberts discusses his audition for Halo Infinite and notes that the game is now coming out in November after being pushed back. If that's accurate, then that means we're still quite some time out from Halo Infinite's release date.

Obviously, we should probably take Roberts' words with a grain of salt here. For starters, it's possible that Roberts could be mistaken or could have just misspoke. It seems like Roberts is speaking off the cuff here, and since Halo Infinite was originally intended to come out in November 2020, it's possible he could just have dates mixed up.

Of course, it's also possible that this is just a slip of the tongue and he's revealing privileged information ahead of schedule. If that's the case, then it suggests Microsoft and 343 Industries are making some dramatic changes to Halo Infinite, because it means that the game will be launching a full year after what was originally intended. Hopefully we'll get official confirmation from Microsoft soon and can stop with the speculation, but on the chance Roberts has correct information here, Halo fans might want to settle in for a long wait.