Halo Infinite's latest crossover: Rockstar Energy with in-game freebies

In the lead-up to Halo Infinite's December release, we've already seen several crossovers with other brands and products. Halo has invaded some obscure facets of everyday life, from GPS navigation apps to casual games like Solitaire and Mahjong. Today, Microsoft revealed a new Halo Infinite crossover with Rockstar Energy, which makes a little more sense given the target audience of both the game and the energy drinks.

Of course, Microsoft is no stranger to crossover promos with Rockstar Energy, as we've seen numerous other crossovers with past Xbox games. However, with this new one, we'll see Rockstar Energy launch five collector's edition cans, each with art from a different artist. Microsoft gave us a lengthy rundown of the artists and the cans their work will appear on in today's announcement on Xbox Wire, which is something we always love to see.

The five artists Microsoft and Rockstar chose for this crossover are Matt Taylor (original), Oliver Barret (Sugar Free), Dan Mumford (Fruit Punch), Yuko Shimizu (Silver Ice), and Hydro74 (Blackberry Goji). You can see all of the cans and their artwork in the video we've embedded above.

The cans launched back on October 1st and will be available until the end of the year. Each can comes with a code that will award players things like in-game unlocks, challenge swaps, and double XP boosts. As you can see from the image above, many of these cosmetics feature a Rockstar Energy color scheme.

In addition to those in-game goodies, it seems there will also be some bigger prizes given away, including copies of the game, an Xbox Series X prize bundle, and even a Jeep Gladiator with a Master Chief color scheme. You can read more about the sweepstakes over on Rockstar's website.