Halo Infinite gives us a longer look at multiplayer

Those of us who were hoping to see more from Halo Infinite during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase yesterday weren't disappointed, as Microsoft showed off multiplayer gameplay footage for the first time. It looks like the multiplayer reveals aren't over yet, as today, Microsoft and 343 Industries published a longer multiplayer overview for Halo Infinite. If yesterday's reveal left you ready for more multiplayer details, then this is where you'll find them.

The presentation clocks in at just under 13 minutes long, so it's a lot longer than yesterday's reveal. Throughout it, 343 Industries developers and designers walk us through the intention behind Halo Infinite's multiplayer, detailing some of the tools and vehicles we'll have at our disposal. For example, we learn that power-ups are no longer used as soon as you pick them up; instead, you'll get to carry that power-up as an item in your inventory and use it whenever you see fit.

Of course, that also means unused power-ups will be dropped on death, so holding onto these items for too long is probably not the best idea. Today's deep dive also introduces a new mechanic where vehicle components take damage and can be destroyed, along with a new vehicle called the Razorback that has a compartment on the back to hold various attachments. We'll also see ordinance drops during matches, whether those are small weapon pods arriving from orbit or ships dropping vehicles into battle.

After giving us a look at multiplayer gameplay, we're given a glimpse at customization options. 343 Industries says that pretty much everything in the game can be customized, from weapons and vehicles to specific pieces of armor and even a Spartan's body type. 343 also describes to battle pass system that will present in Halo Infinite, noting that the battle passes for each season will be available to buy at any time; players can buy multiple seasonal battle passes and choose which one to progress as they play.

Since Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be free-to-play across Xbox and PC, there was some question about how Microsoft would monetize the game, so these battle pass details are good to have. If you're interested in picking up Halo Infinite when it launches later this year, then you should give the video above a watch because it does a good job of prepping us for the game's multiplayer modes.