Halo DS - Yes it's real, no it won't be released

I'm sure that everyone is happy that Halo 3 is finally out. Whether you're a hardcore fan that's been waiting for it since three weeks after Halo 2 came out or you're just sick of hearing about the release, you're likely happy it is out. Now what about Halo DS?

Apparently there has been much deliberation about the existence of this particular title. Well Matt over at IGN decided to put the claims to rest and put up some screenshots and videos of the game which was actually canceled. He says that there was an entire team working on the title with some very big names attached to it. Unfortunately, for reasons not to be discussed, the game was scrapped.

I must say that I'm pretty impressed with what the team did here. I'm really sorry that this project was canned and that we'll never see it on store shelves. I'm not a huge FPS fan, but I wouldn't mind fragging some aliens while sitting in line and the BMV sometime.

Halo DS [via ign]