Halo 5 will be on Xbox One in 2015 while Halo 2 Anniversary in 2014

Fans of the Halo franchise have been anxiously waiting to get some sort of confirmation on what titles will be coming in the franchise this year. In late January, we heard that Halo 5 wouldn't be coming until late 2015. If you were hoping that November 2015 launch window for Halo 5 was wrong, prepare to be disappointed.

Voice actor Steve Downes has confirmed the 2015 launch window for Halo 5. Fans of the Halo franchise will likely know that Downes is the person who voices master Chief. Since Downes would be involved in the production of the game, presumably he knows what he is talking about on time frame.

The upside to the news that Halo 5 won't land until next year is that Downes says at least one Halo title is coming this year. He stated that gamers could look forward to the anniversary edition of Halo 2. 2014 is the tenth anniversary of Halo 2.

It doesn't seem like it has been a decade since that game launched. Halo 2 had a very fun campaign mode, but it was the multiplayer action that really defined the game. In fact, many see Halo 2 as the game that defined Xbox LIVE.

SOURCE: Gamezone