Halo 4: King of the Hill Fuel by Mountain Dew app comes to iOS

Halo 4 fans can get their hands on the new app that uses location-based augmented reality. The game app will work on both the iPad and the iPhone, and is designed to help promote Halo 4, Mountain Dew, and 7-Eleven stores. The game comes from developer Ogmento.

The app is available worldwide but is focused on the US and Canada. The game is designed to allow players to fight to be the King of the Hill at their local 7-Eleven store. The app allows players to win all sorts of in game awards, including digital Halo 4 gear such as Double XP and an exclusive Custom Locus Helmet for US players.

Players in Canada can win a custom Ghost Prop Avatar. The game app requires players to scan their favorite Halo 4 themed Mountain Dew and Doritos products to get supplies in games to keep the battle going. The game went available officially today in version 1.0 and is 39.2 MB in size.

The game is also limited to players 17 and up. The location-based game play ties game action to real-world stores and allows players to compete on local and national levels. It's odd to me to see this game at all considering Halo 4 will only be offered on the Xbox. I guess Microsoft knows there's not enough Windows Phone users out there to make effective marketing campaign if the game was limited to its own platform.

[via The AppSide]