Halo 3 earns over $300 million in the first week

We know that people were lined up for hours to get their hands on a copy of Halo 3 when it launched not too long ago. But just how much did the game net in the first week? Lets just say the guys at Bungie and Microsoft are doing pretty well.

In the first day alone, Halo 3 pulled in over $170 million, after the first week, the number has breached the $300 million milestone. What's even more amazing is that September 25th (launch day) was the most active Xbox Live gaming day in history.

It's no wonder that the guys at Bungie are thinking that they might be better off without Microsoft. While Master Chief is no Mario, he's still becoming one of the biggest icons in gaming history, one sequel at a time.

Halo 3 First Week Sales Surpass $300 Million USDĀ  [via dailytech]