Half-door option returns to the 2021 Jeep Wrangler

One of the popular options in many areas for the Jeep Wrangler during the previous JK generation was half-doors. Half doors are exactly what they sound like utilizing a metal door that comes approximately halfway up with a soft window that unzips and a completely removable top. When the JL Wrangler bowed in a couple of model years ago, the half-door option disappeared.Wrangler fans will now have the option of half-doors again on the 2021 Wrangler with the dual-door group. There are two versions of the dual-door group, including the Dual Door Group with Premium Uppers in the Dual Door Group with Base Uppers. The difference comes in the material the upper doors are made from.

The Premium Uppers using twill-style fabric matching the soft-top roof material of upper range models exactly. Base Uppers are made from a vinyl matching the basic soft tops. Unfortunately for truck fans, the Gladiator isn't available with the Dual Door Group. Anyone who's ever owned a later model Jeep with half-doors knows that having both the soft half doors and full doors is a big deal.

There are some downsides to the half doors. You don't have a roll-up window, meaning if you go through a drive-through, you have to spend the time to unzip and then zip back up. The other problem comes in cold-weather areas where it's impossible to remove frost or ice from soft windows without damaging them.

In windy areas, the soft upper half doors are also very loud, and cold or heat comes through readily. That said, the half doors are fantastic for times when you want to cruise with the safety of doors on the vehicle but feel like you're driving without. The half-door option adds $2350 for Base Uppers or $2550 for Premium Uppers on the two-door version. On four-door versions, Base Uppers add $3995 while Premium Uppers add $4395. Keep in mind that this package still comes with the regular full metal doors with rollup windows.