Hajime Research at work on a giant 13-foot tall robot

Giant robots creep me out. You never know when they will go nuts and try to wear your head as a hat. The folks over at Hajime Research Institute are at work on a giant robot that stands about 13-feet tall. Why they need such a giant robot is beyond me. Perhaps they are looking to start a robot fighting league or something.

The man behind the giant robot is building up to a really, really big bot. Apparently he wants to build a Gundam that actually moves around. The first robot built by Hajime Sakamoto was 7-feet tall, the latest is 13-feet tall and eventually he will build a 26-foot tall bot. The ultimate goal is to build a 59-foot tall bot that is the size of a Gundam suit.

That sounds pretty cool and all. I'd rather see a full size Mad Cat personally. Check out the video below to see his interim 13-foot tall bot in action. It looks interesting; I can only imagine a giant 60-footer moving like that.

[via PlasticPals]