Hacking iTunes - Get your ringtones for free

Apple just announced the ability to make custom ringtones in iTunes 7.4 only days ago. Unfortunately you have to pay for the ability to use your own music as a ringtone. You already paid for the music, why should you pay for it again? If you're thinking along these same lines, read on. If you don't mind paying for something twice then move along, there's nothing for you here.

Apparently all that separates a song from a ringtone is the extension which it is given. So as you can imagine, the only thing you need to do is copy the song(s) you wish to convert to ringtones and change the extension from .AAC to .M4R. Double-click your newly created and renamed file and it'll be imported into iTunes.

Now comes the hard part. Sync your iPhone. That's it, you're done. Boy that has to be one of the hardest hacks I've ever heard of. Just don't tell anyone I let you in on the secret.

Free Custom Ringtones in iTunes 7.4 [via macrumors]