Hackers use Crown Casino's own security cameras to beat the house

An Australian casino called Crown Casino was hit by a group of high-tech hackers. The hackers co-opted the casinos own security cameras for the heist that saw them to make off with about $33 million. The hackers broke into the casino's surveillance camera network and used the cameras to gain an advantage during some high-stakes card games.

According to reports, the heist took place over only eight different hands of cards before the gambler in the casino was captured. Apparently, the person in the casino was a high roller described only as a foreigner that regularly bet and lost lots of money. The security cameras that were used by the hackers during the highest were in the VIP high-roller room of the casino.

The hackers operating the cameras passed the gambler signals to tip them off about the cards that his opponents held. Apparently, the gambler was staying with his family in the Crown Towers in Melbourne Australia when the casino discovered the fraud. The man was kicked out of the casino and is banned from returning.

Reports indicate that it's surprisingly easy to intercept signals from many casino cameras if the casino isn't taking precautions. The casino hopes to recover some of the money that was taken during heist. At this point, there's no indication of whether or not criminal charges will be filed or if any of the hackers who gained access to the casino's camera system were caught.

[via Wired]