Hackers release cache of Turkish National Police data

Hackers have released a large load of data nabbed from the Turkish General Directorate of Security (EGM), according to a new report. The data was stolen by a hacker said to be associated with Anonymous, and was done in a bid “against corruption.” The data is available now through various file sharing services, and appears to contain database files. This isn’t the first time Anonymous has set its sights on Turkey, with last year involving a declaration of war over the nation’s alleged support of terrorists.

Late last year, Anonymous declared war on Turkey, saying the nation’s government has supported ISIS by hospitalizing ISIS militants and buying oil from them. As such, the group said it was behind a cyberattack that took down thousands of Turkish websites, and threatened to carry out further cyberattacks if things didn’t change.

Among other things, the hackers said, “We will start to hit your airports, military assets and private state connections. We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.”

Now it appears the collective has made good on the threat. A tweet posted by @CthulhuSec on Twitter Sunday reads, “Hey Turkey, I have something to show you tomorrow. See, if you fight your citizens, they will bite back. #standby.” Since then, the website “” has published the data, saying it was collected by someone going by ROR[RG].

According to the website:

The source has had persistent access to various parts of the Turkish Government infrastructure for the past 2 years and in light of various government abuses in the past few months, has decided to take action against corruption by releasing this.

The compressed file is 2.8GB, while uncompressed it is a heftier 17.8GB.

The Turkish police aren’t the first this year to have stolen data dumped. In recent days, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security both had data acquired via a security breach published online for anyone to access. In that case, the cyberattack appeared to be politically motivated, and included contact details on thousands of employees. Names, email addresses, and similar details were published.

As well, in other hacking news, a hospital in Hollywood is currently suffering major operational troubles after a hacker locked down its computer system using ransomware, demanding 9000 bitcoins to unlock the computers. The hospital has been forced to turn away new patients, and must resort to faxes and physical paper files until the systems are back up.

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VIA: International Business Times