Hacker makes EEE PC-based in-car computer

A hacker named Dali has created something seriously cool. It's a car-puter of sorts that combines the dashboard of a car with an Eee PC 701G. And the results are downright impressive.

So basically this system required that he tear apart the dashboard of his car and use parts from an Eee PC to install an in-car computer. But he didn't just shove a computer in his car. Rather, he customized this thing with Bluetooth, a USB GPS unit, a USB touchscreen, a joystick mouse and a wireless keyboard.

The system is location aware and offers up entertainment on the go. Running on Windows XP, you can use the car-puter as a media player and a GPS. Heat sinks were added to avoid overheating in the typically cramped dashboard area. This was really just pretty smart and looks so slick you'd swear it was a factory job. Maybe one day, huh?