Hacked Nikon D700 captures video

We know the Nikon D90 shoots HD format video at 720P but the rest of the DSLR members don't, but there's a hack enabling Nikon DSLR Live View motion images to be captured in PC. With little twist and work in manufacturer's supplied SDK, programmer has found way to record live feed via USB, and the good news is, it could work for other Nikon DSLR with live view such as D3 and D300.[samples of video capture after the cut]

Similar trick was reported to capture any Live View enabled DLSR remotely, and in fact, that's how Olivier Giroux got his version of hack on D700. But the downsides are inferior video quality that exhibits moirés and aliases, I have my share of 5D mark II video captured at a reduced VGA size, I know how's that looks. Furthermore, the video signal fed though USB at the rate of 100 fps, and each frame is essential a NEF embedded JPEG images at the resolution two-third of 480P.

Samples of video captured from the hacked Nikon D700 and Zeiss goodies. You can visit Olivier Giroux blog entry to see which Zeiss lens were used in the videos.