Hack - Use any headphones with your iPhone

Sometimes hacking a gadget takes a lot of time, precision and special tools. Then once in a while you find one that is so simple that it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes with some household tools. Here's a quick and easy one that you might have considered if you're an iPhone owner.

I'm sure if you've had an iPod for any length of time you've found a pair of headphones that you love. Since you can't just plug any old pair of headphones into your iPhone, you'll need to buy a new pair right? Nah, just scrape away some of the plastic at the base of your headphone jack.

The great thing about this hack is that it is simple, and has little chance of destroying the object which you're modifying. Just don't go crazy with the knife and cut off your finger, or your Macbook if you decide to use it as a cutting board.

Simple iPhone headphone mod [via hackaday]