Hack - Turn your old UPS into an external hard drive enclosure

I love to hack, especially when the end product is a device disguised as something completely different. This latest one involves turning your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) into an external hard drive.

The fist question that this has raises is why? Well, who would suspect your UPS to contain a hard drive? If you have important data that you want absolutely no one to find, (like the RIAA or the mob) then this is perfect. You only need a few supplies: an old UPS, a laptop hard drive, an external enclosure for said drive, a soldering iron, a sharp knife and a voltage meter.

The hack is fairly simple, you just need a steady hand, and some decent soldering skills. It's pretty cool, if not the most practical of hacks.Filed under External Hard Drives & Other USB Storage [via everythingusb]