Hack - Create an iFlash for your iPhone

The iPhone has been out for a while, the price has dropped and the firmware bricked the hacked phones, big deal. If you feel like you got screwed over by Apple, it's not going to do you any good to dwell on it. How about concentrating on making your iPhone a little easier to use.

This hack won't void the warranty on your phone, nor will a future update leave your phone bricked because of this. This is simply an easy way to make many of your pictures turn out a lot better. Howe could you do that? Give your camera a flash.

Someone got the bright idea to turn an old iPod charger into an external flash for the camera on your iPhone. They basically just cut the wire to the cigarette adapter and wired up 4 LEDs. They use a tact switch to turn it on when it's plugged into the iPhone. I wonder how long it will be before someone takes this idea and starts mass-producing them.

iFlash – External Flash for the iPhone [via devblog]