Habey unveils tiny BIS-6620 HTPC

Small is good when it comes to trying to find a way to fit a desktop computer on your desk or into your entertainment center for use as a HTPC. A company called Habey has unveiled its latest tiny computer that is called the BIS-6620.

The machine is fanless, runs the Intel Atom Z510 CPU, and supports full 1080p HD video resolution. The tiny little computer measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5" and uses the Intel US15W chipset and GMA 500 graphics. A single DDR2 slot supports up to 2GB of RAM. The PC can be mounted to the rear of a TV or LCD with a VESA mount kit.

Storage is to a 1.8-inch HDD or SSD supporting micro-SATA connectivity. Connectivity options include a hot swap internal SATA II port, four external USB ports, S-Video out, and DVI out on some models. WiFi is optional and the machine runs Windows XP embedded, Vista, Linux, or Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS'. The little rig is on Newegg right now for $299.99, which doesn't seem that bad until you realize it ships with no OS or storage inside. I'm not even sure it comes with RAM.