Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus controls computers from up to 100 feet away

Gyration has been making mice designed to control computers from a distance for a number of years. The company has announced its latest mouse called the Air Mouse Go Plus that is designed to control computers from up to 100 feet away. The mouse is compatible with Windows or Mac computers.

The Air Mouse Go Plus is designed to be usable as a desktop optical mouse or a motion-sensing mouse to be used in the air away from the computer. The peripheral connects to computers using a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. Power for the mouse comes from a removable rechargeable battery.

The mouse has several configurable buttons and can control the computer using gestures. Once the user programs gestures into the mouse, the gestures can be used to activate commands, launch applications, and perform other tasks. The mouse is ambidextrous and has three programmable buttons.

The Air Mouse Go Plus is aimed at use in classrooms, the business world, and in the living room. This would be a good mouse for a home theater PC allowing you to control it from across the room without needing a desk or other surface. The Air Mouse Go Plus is available to order now for $99.95.

SOURCE: Gyration