GymPact app pays you to workout, fines you for not going

With 2012 kicking off you can bet that one of the most common resolutions is to lose weight and get fit for many people. That can be hard to do though since finding the time and drive to go to the gym several times per week is more than many folks can muster. A new app for the iPhone has launched called GymPact.

The app lets the user set how many times per week they want to go into the gym. Once they set that pact with themselves and the app the user puts a small amount of money into their GymPact account. The idea is that if you don't go to the gym and check-in using your smartphone, and stay for at least 30 minutes, you fork over some of your money to the community kitty and the folks behind GymPact get 3% of the transactions.

If you do go to your gym and stay for at least 30 minutes, the app will pay you a buck. It's not much money, but perhaps the angst over having to pay for not meeting your goals will be enough to get some people to go to the gym on schedule. It seems that it would be easy enough to game this system though with fake check-ins. What do you think about this app?

[via TechCrunch]