LG V10 gallery

The V10 is LG’s newest flagship phone focused on “City Adventures” whereas the G series Android phones are considered to be primarily for users who consume video and images. The V10 is packed with a powerful 16MP rear facing camera that’s the same as on the LG G4 (review).

It gets more interesting on the front side because LG has managed to pack two cameras. The camera on the left is an ultra-wide 120-degree lens for group shots while the one on the right is 80-degree for regular selfies. Both cameras are 5MP.

LG has also managed to fused two Gorilla glass4 together. At the very top, the first display right below the front facing camera is a 1040 by 160 resolution section that’s always on for notifications, your signature or quick access to apps among others. It’s highly configurable and also works with certain apps when the main display is on. The main display measures 5.7″ + QHD and the Quantum Display.

It’s powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 sporting 4GB RAM and there’s only storage size of 64GB. There’s a memory card slot supporting up to 200GB microSD card. Also, there’s a 3000mAh removable battery! Pro users everywhere can rejoice!

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