Gunship watch is designed to look better as it gets beat up

Watches are something that many of us gave up long ago since we have a mobile phone with a clock on it with us just about everywhere. A new line of watches has surfaced from a company called Nixon that are very cool and makes me want to wear a watch again. The line is galled the Gunship collection has has four models.

Each of the models is painted in a gunship gray color that is reminiscent of the battle ships of the Navy. Available models include the 51-30 Chromo Gunship, the Sentry Gunship, the Banks Gunship, and the Player Gunship. The Chrono is the coolest looking one of the group if you ask me.

The coolest part of these watches is that the paint is made to come off over time to reveal the black watch chassis underneath so the harder you are on it, the better looking the watch gets. The downside is that the Gunship 51-30 Chrono is $500, the Sentry is $190, the Banks Gunship is $375, and the Player Gunship is $225.