Gumpert RG Nathalie is a methanol powered EV

When most of us think of Gumpert we will think of the Gumpert Apollo sports car. Gumpert has teamed up with a Chinese firm called AIWAYS to create what the two firms claim the world's first methanol-powered electric car. The ride uses the methanol to produce the electric power it needs to operate.

By using methanol to produce the electricity for the battery, the car never needs to be plugged in or charged. The process is said to be similar to how a hydrogen fuel cell works with the methanol fuel cell converting the fuel into electricity that drives the electric motor.

Gumpert claims that the car can drive for 745 miles without having to refill the methanol tank. The car produces only water and carbon dioxide as emissions. Matthias Gumpert says that the making of methanol consumes carbon dioxide from the air making the car zero emissions because the emission are offset by making the fuel.

Methanol can already be purchased at some locations in Europe. Gumpert says that the vehicle won't need any infrastructure changes for support. Other than the fact that methanol is used to make electricity we know little else about the car.

We know it will be limited production with only 500 units being made. Deliveries are set to start next year. We have no idea of power production or performance at this point. Pricing is also unknown but the company has stated that the car will be expensive.

SOURCE: Autoexpress