Guitar Hero Live buyers offered "potential refunds" by Activision

Activision is offering Guitar Hero Live buyers the chance at "potential refunds," the company has revealed. The game's music catalog was substantially cut down toward the end of last year, having dropped from its around 500 offerings down to less than fifty. The new "potential" refund program is for customers in the US who bought the game on or after December 1, 2017.

Last summer, it was announced that Guitar Hero TV would close down in December 2018, leaving the game with only 42 songs. Guitar Hero TV had first launched in October 2015, offering for-pay downloadable content. Now some Guitar Hero Live customers will get a refund for their purchase.

In its new support page, Activision says that customers "may qualify" if they bought Guitar Hero Live in the US between December 1, 2017, and January 1, 2019. They'll need to submit the Claim Form by May 1, at which point Activision says it must "be confirmed" by the company that the purchase took place within the acceptable dates.

Activision tells its customers that providing a copy of their receipt when submitting their claim is "the surest way" to ensure they get a full refund. If the receipt is no longer available, they can alternatively present a credit card statement showing the purchase, their name, the store's name, the charge, and the date of purchase.

If you paid with cash, you may be out of luck. Activision says it "will attempt to verify eligibility" of the purchase for customers who can't submit any documentation. Assuming you're found by Activision to be eligible for the refund, you'll get it on a prepaid Visa — or something akin to it — in 8 to 12 weeks after the May 1 deadline passes; the end of July at the earliest, that is. Activision warns that the refund amount "will vary" based on how much the buyer paid and whether the company can confirm the purchase.