Guitar Hero IV will be the same on the Wii as 360 and PS3

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 23, 2008

It’s no big secret that the Nintendo Wii isn’t quite the powerhouse that the PS3 or even Xbox 360 is. For this reason we tend to see games with less content present on the Wii. Such has been the case with Guitar Hero III and even Rock Band. So we should expect nothing less from Guitar Hero World Tour, right?

It seems that Activision has gone out of their way to make sure that everything seen on the PS3 and Xbox 360 is present on Nintendo’s flagship console. Yes Virginia, that includes DLC.

What I’m curious about is how they’ve managed to handle the DLC. There’s no way that the internal storage for the Wii can possibly be enough for the large library of DLC that they’re talking about, so that’s out. I suppose that they could be expecting us to us SD cards, however, I always had the impression that the read/write speeds weren’t high enough to effectively use them in such a fashion. Perhaps they know something we don’t regarding external storage for the Wii.

[via IGN]

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