Guitar Hero III Mobile rocks AT&T phones

Remember back when we told you about Guitar Hero III Mobile? Well it actually came out on Verizon phones a while back, and we've been waiting to hear that it's moved on to other providers. Today AT&T has finally had the opportunity to bring the franchise to their mobile phones.

The game will launch on roughly 30 phones, which include the V3 RAZR and Sony Ericcson 810, with more to follow in the near future.

If you're wondering just how popular this mobile Guitar Hero is, it actually managed to surpass Tetris as the most played game on the Verizon network. Look for songs like Freebird, War Pigs and Search and Destroy to be playable.

I'm still not sure that I'm on-board with the whole mobile rocking thing. While my phone can do some pretty cool stuff, I'll leave the gaming to my DS for now.

[via Crave]