Guinness Book of Video Game Records

I'm sure at one point or another you've flipped through a copy of Guinness Book of World Records. Usually, you do it just out of curiosity, but we all are secretly flipping through hoping to land on a page that contains some record that you just know you can break. Unfortunately, that almost never happens. Now Guinness is going to release another Book of World Records, only this time some of us might have a chance of making it.

Well, if you're a big enough (and good enough) gamer, then you might have a shot. As this it will be the book of video game records. Anything from top scores, sales figures and even top gamer salaries will make it into the book.

They decided to do this after the increasing popularity of their video game segment that they re-introduced to their book a few years back. Look for it to go on sale about this time next year.

Guinness to track video game world records [via]