Guild Wars hits 5 million subscribers

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 27, 2008

We know that World of Warcraft dominates the MMO realm. With over 10 million subscribers, who could argue? However, its success hasn’t prevented other titles like Guild Wars from making waves either.

If you’re not familiar with Guild wars, it became the first major MMO that did not require a monthly subscription fee. All you need to do is purchase the game, and you’re good to go. So how many people are into the no monthly fees? Apparently that number has just topped 5 million.

While that number is only half of what World of Warcraft, it is still huge. WoW managed to break the 5 million subscriber mark in right around a year’s time, while it has taken Guild Wars nearly 3 times as long. Personally, I praise Guild Wars, it has proven that a business model that doesn’t depend on a monthly subscription fee can work. Lets hope that they keep it up with Guild Wars 2.

[via Game|Life]

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