Guardoor triangular smart sensor monitors doors, windows

Guardoor is a new smart sensor bid as a home security product for those who prefer to keep home safety within the monitoring confines of their smartphone. As with similar products, Guardoor can be attached to a door or a window; the embedded sensors will then monitor for motion and send an alert to whatever device is set up with it, giving the home owner a way to keep tabs on their home (or office, etc.) while out and about.

Guardoor features a design different than other smart motion sensors we've seen — it is triangular, allowing it to be stuck onto the corner of a door or window where it will more or less blend in as a design element rather than sticking out like a garish tag.

The related app will receive notice when one of the sensors detects motion, resulting in an alert and options for the mobile user to forward the alert to someone else, cancel it, or call emergency services if necessary. The app keeps access to contacts for ease of use.

Guardoor is a new arrival on Indiegogo, where the makers are seeking $10,000 USD in funding with a little over a month in the campaign. A pledge of $59 USD will get the "super early birds" unit (offered in either white, black, or wood), with shipping estimated to take place this coming April.

SOURCE: Indiegogo