Guardians of the Galaxy trailer: extended look at the team

Guardians of the Galaxy has been teased from many angles: trailers galore, a playlist of the upcoming movie soundtrack, and even a 17 minute look at the film for those who don't fear spoilers. Latest among them is a new trailer showing off extended footage of the team.

The trailer includes quite a bit of dialogue, which helps reveal the comical side of the movie, as well as new scenes of action within the world and interaction within the band of superheroes (and both at the same time).

This latest trailer comes from Marvel Comics UK, and while not revealing anything large about the plot, it is one of the previews more likely to make you feel like you've seen too much of the film (assuming you're spoiler-adverse).

Chris Pratt gets quite a bit of vocal time in the trailer, and Rocket Raccoon gets a few sentences in, as well, among other characters. For more recent news about the upcoming film, hit up the timeline below.

UPDATE: just in case you missed it, more character introductions than you'll be able to handle!