GTA Online Tiny Racers 'retro-style' game now available

Rockstar Games has announced the availability of GTA Online Tiny Racers, a game in which players race tiny cars around various maps while avoiding a fiery explosion. Rockstar says Tiny Racers is a retro-styled game for GTA Online, putting gamers above the roads and cars with a bird's-eye view. This is similar to the Dead Ops Arcade game — in terms of design — that appeared in Black Ops.

While most racing games take place with a FPV, Tiny Racers is unique in that you can see all the vehicles at once from above. Up to four players will be racing at any given time and there are seven different courses to race on. The entire purpose of the game is simple: avoid blowing up, which will happen if your car ends up falling too far behind the person in first place.

The game isn't simple racing, though — players are able to literally fight on the racing map, trying to slow down and wipe out the competing cars. The game includes things like bombs and rockets for cars to pick up, as well as special cars and Shotaros. Gamers use these to try to best competing cars, moving into first place and leaving the others behind (and potentially dead).

Tiny Racers is available on GTA Online now, which is itself available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Anyone who plays between now and April 30 will get a 'tax refund' in the game valued at $425k GTA via the San Andreas Treasury Department. There's also currently a double GTA$ and RP going on right now for everyone in celebration of the game's launch.

SOURCE: Rockstar Games