GSLO to sell Volt Solar Charger for iPhone in US

GSLO has been buying up the rights to sell some interesting gear in the US. This is the company that is bringing the Peel 520 to the states among other things. GSLO has announced that it has landed the North American distribution rights to the Volt Solar Charger for the iPhone.

GSLO is getting the exclusive rights to the solar charger for all of North America. The Volt is made by a company called XSE. The Volt Solar Charger is an external battery pack that fits onto the iPhone and extends the battery life by using a solar charger on the outside of the case to trickle charge the battery.

The battery inside can also be charged by using a USB cable for longer runtime with the solar panel helping to keep the battery topped off. GSLO is mum on when the Volt will come to the US and how much the device will cost.