Group Building Own Arcade Cabinets For PAX East

Game group The Behemoth is constructing custom arcade cabinets running their own developed games and will present them at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East 2011 in Boston. The group will be bringing five arcade cabinets with them to the event, four of them will be running the groups newest build of BattleBlock Theatre and the fifth one will run the original four player Castle Crashers.

The group built an arcade cabinet for PAX 2010 running Castle Crashers and decided to expand on the concept and build a few more for the upcoming expo. BattleBlock Theatre will run off an Xbox 360 and the Castle Crashers arcade cabinet will be running off a PS3. Each cabinet will sport an additional display that comes out of the back of the machine via remote, so that the crowd can watch the action as well.

The group posted up some timeline photos of the cabinets progress and you can definitely see the amount of effort placed into each one. If you're in the Boston area from March 11th to the 13th go check out PAX East.

[via The Behemoth]