GroundSurf, it's a skateboard with Segway tech built in

So it has an electric motor on the front wheel that works like a Segway, lean forward, you go forward, lean back, you slow or stop. The rear truck also sounds pretty complicated with a 3D cinematic (does it have a camera?) rear truck.

Sensors on the board are what control the motor on the front wheel. Kind of boring right? Wrong, wait till you hear what it can do with a mobile phone.

If you have a touch-screen based mobile phone, it can connect to the board and you can control the boards motor with the touchscreen, now if only you could steer it with your mobile phone too. Anyways, it will cost you between $1770 and $2040 when it releases. And the software for the HTC Touch to control it should be out some time next Spring.

Groudsurf: Drive There With Your HTC Cruise, Literally [via unwiredview]