Grooveshark app hits Google Play store again

It's certainly not unheard of for Google to ban certain apps from its Google Play store. Many of these apps don't have to disappear if they are banned from the official Android app market place. Since Android is open many of these apps can simply be offered on third-party stores for people to download. Over a year ago, Google pulled the music streaming app for streaming service Grooveshark from its offerings.

Surprisingly, Google has now reinstated the app and it is available again for download via Google Play. The surprising part about this is that the app was reinstated with no fanfare despite the fact that the company has copyright infringement lawsuits pending. Typically, Google distances itself from as many copyright infringement suits as possible.

Grooveshark is being sued by three of the four major record labels. The suits allege that Grooveshark infringes on copyrights. The alleged infringement occurs because of the way Grooveshark works. The service allows users to listen to tracks uploaded by other members.

It doesn't take a genius to see that record labels don't want anyone hearing music they haven't paid for. Access to the Grooveshark app cost users $6-$9 monthly and a free online streaming service is offered. There are some licensed music from independent record labels available as well. Grooveshark hasn't come back to the Apple App Store at this point.

[via Wall Street Journal]