Groove Bulb aims to be cheapest LED light

Competition in the LED bulb market seems to be picking up, with more manufacturers announcing their solutions over the past few days. Add the Groove Bulb to the list, said to consume 85% less electricity than incandescent bulbs but with a lifespan of around 30 years. This particular offering seems to be attacking price too: a 9W bulb (equivalent to a traditional 60W bulb) costs £15.95 (~$25.67).

Groove Bulb say that's 25% cheaper than existing LED bulbs on the market, with the founder of the company, James Theobald, noting that the cost of manufacturing is what keeps prices high. The 9W Groove Bulb will feature a bayonet or Edison screw cap, is mercury free, and is 99% recyclable. The LED tech used ensures a "consistent light output", plus no flickering and superior whites.

The company will begin offering additional bulbs later on in the year, with plans to produce a 100W equivalent and a candle style bulb. If you wanrt to buy the 9W Groove Bulb in the meantime, you'll have to head directly to the source at