Griffin Technology StompBox for iOS devices now available

If you are a guitar playing geek that has an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch lying around you can use that iOS device to jam with the Griffin Technology StompBox. The StompBox is a cool multi-function foot controller that will work on the stage or in your room for practicing. The pedal is programmable and will work with any instrument that has a 1/4-inch jack including guitars, bass, electric violin, and a keyboard.

This one effects pedal will work with all your 80's cover band instruments. The StompBox was made to work with the Frontier Design iShred LIVE app. The StompBox and the app together allow the player to change effects using their feet without taking hands off the instrument. The app allows each of the four switches on the StompBox to be assigned to different effects.

The StompBox ships with the Griffin GuitarConnect cable to allow the instrument, headphones, and the iPhone to be connected at once. The cable is a meter long. The StompBox can also be programmed to work with Qscript, the Griffin teleprompter app for iPad. The StompBox is available right now for $99.99 in Apple Retail Stores and directly from Griffin.