Gresso Avantgarde Collection brings you the Black Diamond Collection

Gresso is apparently known for making some pretty high end flashy mobile handsets, and these are no exception. Personally, I think black diamonds are ugly as sin, throw in gold and I might gag, but somehow they managed to come up with a color scheme on this phone that actually looks pretty good while slathering the device in a considerable amount of both.

They are only making 50 of them, and they are selling them for 30k Euro, which I believe is pretty close to $45,000 here in the US. there are 2 versions, both with 23 buttons each, the D-Pad on each phone has a black diamond on each of the direction buttons, but not in the center, on the lower end model, the rest of the buttons are just gold (I can't believe I said "just gold") but on the higher end model, every single button on the phone, except for the center of the D-Pad has a Black Diamond in it.

Furthermore, just to keep it extra classy, the digits on the keypad are all in Roman numeral format. The cheaper version of this phone is a mere 9k Euro, which is still a chunk of change, the body is made from African Blackwood, which has been aged for more than 200 years, and its fastened front-to-back with gold screws. The crystal on the front of the screen is made from Sapphire, which means it's hard as hell to scratch.

Tech specs wise, it runs Windows Mobile 6, has tri-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth 1.2, a 2MP cam, and codec support for MIDI, WMA, WAV, AVI, ASF, and WMV and supports Java apps. Furthermore, it comes with 64MB of memory, and 2GB of storage space, so basically if you want a phone for the features, look elsewhere, but if you just want to do some fairly basic stuff and have a really expensive looking phone, here it is.

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