Greenliant NANDrive is world’s first single-package SATA SSD

Shane McGlaun - Mar 1, 2011, 5:18am CST
Greenliant NANDrive is world’s first single-package SATA SSD

A company called Greenliant from Germany has announced what it is claiming to be the world’s first industrial-grade single package SATA SSD. The drive is called the NANDrive, uses the SATA interface, and can be had in 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities. The drive is able to operate in harsher environments making it more robust and less prone to failure.

The drive combines a SATA controller with SLC NAND flash drive for a fully integrated SSD in a multi-chip package. The SSD resulting from the packaging is the industry’s smallest SSD at 14mm x 24mm x 1.85mm and it comes in a 145 ball grid array for mounting on a system mainboard.

All three of the available capacities for the drive use the same footprint making them all work in the same small devices. One of the big benefits of the integrated design of the drive is that it doesn’t need an additional bridge chip between the storage device and the chipset to operate. Greenliant is aiming the SSD at medical equipment, networking infrastructure and factory automation among other uses. The NANDrive is sampling now.

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