Gravity Phone concept looks cool and bulky

Shane McGlaun - Jul 5, 2010
Gravity Phone concept looks cool and bulky

Design concepts are interesting and often give us a glimpse into the future of devices of all types. A new phone design concept has turned up that is called the Gravity Phone.

The Gravity Phone concept is a large looking handset with a HD resolution screen. It looks normal enough from the front with a big glossy screen and a couple of protruding angular shapes on the top and bottom.

Flip the phone over and those angular shapes you see from the front take on a new design. The backside of the phone looks like an “X” with a candy bar style phone laid over the top of an iPhone. The designer says the screen would be a 1080p unit and HDMI would be supported. I’m not sure how practical a design like this would be in the pocket.

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