Graphic Shows Smartwatches Only About 50% Screen

Bezels — everyone has them, and everyone gets annoyed by them at some point. The part of your device that isn't screen is sometimes an eyesore, reminding you that your magical device has working parts making it go, and needs to be held together. We've seen how smartphones stack up to the bezel challenge, but what about smartwatches? A new graphic tells us all about it.

Covering all major smartwatches, the news isn't great for those not wanting to see dead space. Top to bottom, side to side, there is a lot of wasted space on a smartwatch. Oddly enough — or maybe not so odd — the smartwatch many enthusiasts have been chasing is the runaway leader when it comes to screen real estate.

The Moto 360 screen takes up a smart 71.5% of the face, and is far and away the best bang for your small-screen buck in that regard. A similar offering in the LG G Watch R falls well short of that benchmark at just over 50%. That halfway point between screen and bezel seems to be the mean right now, with most offerings hovering right around that mark.

The worst offender of the bunch was Pebble. At 32% screen, that leaves nearly 70% of the face as non-functioning. Though we can't expect 100% of a watch face to be a screen, 32% is just paltry. Maybe next time Pebble will give us less steel and more screen.

Source: Reddit